Malay Landscape: Typical design for contemporary house at Desa Wawasan

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Nur Huzeima Mohd Hussain
Suriati Ahmad


The landscape agenda as looking at the global contact nowadays is gaining its popularity and dominates the need and importance of a good surroundings. In peeling the dilemma of the Malay contemporary community, a study has been conducted in conjunction with identifying the needs and their favouritism in accordance with the need and current lifestyle. Desa Wawasan reflects villages that adapt Gerakan Daya Wawasan (GDW) has been chosen specifically in order to see the efficiency and effectiveness of systematic planning and maintenance held by its society in regard to their surrounding. This research imposes a qualitative approach. The collected information is based on secondary data, field studies such as on-site observation, interviews, and questionnaires to the selected respondent based on the study sample. Based on the research conducted, the study has discovered the design characteristics with the usage of a typical element at Desa Wawasan residential which have been identically more systematic and comprehensive. Hence, the effectiveness of GDW concept can be considered as a module as it can be highlighted as one of the sentiments that contributes in creating the image and identity of the Malay contemporary landscape.

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Mohd Hussain, N.H. and Ahmad, S. 2017. Malay Landscape: Typical design for contemporary house at Desa Wawasan. Asian Journal of Environment-Behaviour Studies. 2, 2 (Jan. 2017), 93–103. DOI:


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