Architectural Space Alters the Expression of Gene that Regulate Physical and Emotional Stress

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Ammar Ayman Zaino
Mohamed Yusoff Abbas


Newberg & Waldmans (2010) concluded their well-known scientific experiment, A single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress. However, could architectural space also speaks? Or alter the expression of genes? This study aimed to investigate the relationship between architecture, brain and genes. The objectives were to test the influence of architecture over brain's electrical-activity, and subsequently develop, a theory of space and genes. The research methodology involved three phases. Firstly, an integrated approach for literature review. Secondly, an experimental approach. Finally, an integrative analysis. Findings showed a significant change of brain-electricity by change of environments. Thus, alteration in the expression of genes.

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Zaino, A.A. and Abbas, M.Y. 2020. Architectural Space Alters the Expression of Gene that Regulate Physical and Emotional Stress. Asian Journal of Environment-Behaviour Studies. 5, 16 (Jul. 2020), 1–19. DOI:


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