Needle-stick Incidents among Nurses: Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices in the Workplace

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Jheffany Yazid
Raja Mek Raja Yaakub
Suzana Yusof
Angga Wilandika


This cross-sectional study assessed the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of nurses regarding needle-stick injuries (NSIs) in a public hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The majority of nurses exhibited good awareness of NSIs and related infections. Concerns about NSIs and sharps disposal containers were common among nurses. Most nurses practiced safe handling and disposal of needles but had room for improvement in consistent glove usage and adherence to post-exposure prophylaxis. Targeted interventions and educational programs are needed to enhance knowledge, attitudes, and practices, ensuring better workplace safety for healthcare workers and reducing the risk of blood-borne pathogen transmission.

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Yazid, J., Raja Yaakub, R.M., Yusof, S. and Wilandika, A. 2023. Needle-stick Incidents among Nurses: Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices in the Workplace . Asian Journal of Environment-Behaviour Studies. 8, 25 (Jun. 2023), 47–62. DOI:


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